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Alternative Treatment for Menieres Disease ~ Ginko Biloba a miracle cure?


I grew up around my dad having Menieres & I was diagnosed with it in 2009 ~ being familiar with the symptoms I knew what was unfolding and knew a fabulous alternative treatment which really supports me to create balance and find more hope with Menieres disease.

Ginko Biloba is a herbal treatment which comes from the Ginko Tree originating in Japan ~ it increases blood circulation and flow and can also help memory too.  My dad has taken Ginko for many years and has been free of Menieres Episodes for years now.  I have been taking it since I was diagnosed and have had far fewer episodes than many people do at the onset of Menieres.  I take between 1 and 3 per day depending upon how I am feeling.

I feel it really supports me taken alongside my prescribed medication.  Some may say its a placebo effect (like many things) I coach and teach its all about how we feel about whats going on for us and what we are taking.  I believe it really helps and supports me and would recommend a go if you aren’t yet taking it.  It does take 2 or 3 months to see results and get into your system so stick with it 🙂

Whatever gives us relief on this journey to creating balance and finding hope 😉

breathe relax allow the healing to take place.  Wellness is our birth right 🙂

If you would like some support with Menieres, any associated symptoms or just on your life journey in general get in touch my doors always open….  More about my coaching and support here ~ Liz-Green.Com

beaming you SO much love and balance

Liz 🙂