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BORED of The RINGS ~ Ascending into SPINS & Trusting the Process


My first “official” blog post here and I am actually feeling hopeful about this whole healing process “take 2” ~ I have been here before and at the time shared a little about my journey with Menieres Dis….ease ~ I made a few videos too (I’ll post them at the end) I thought I had cracked it by sorting out the general things changing the way I was living, food choices, exercise, cutting out salt, caffeine, smoking (not that I smoked a lot…haaahmmm! I stopped in 2010 😉 )  I also started to take a much steadier relaxed view on life…. Appreciating leaving the corporate world knowing this just wasn’t a match…  My hearts always said to me stress is a TRIGGER ~ so I have been doing lots of breathing, relaxing and allowing…. just being in the moment….

Then after a little over indulgence last weekend, and this was nothing major!  Some nice wine and foods (maybe with a little too much salt in) and a little bit of a later night than normal… I have also missed my bike riding and yoga this last few weeks due to changes to plans and snow…  I woke up Monday morning my right ear FILLED right up… I felt the intense wooshing noise I hadn’t had for some time… It was literally DOING MY HEAD IN ~ a constant consistent feeling ~ planes taking off in my head…..

That said I knew a nice chilled week would support me, I find continuing with my coaching practice really supports me with having purpose and something to take my mind off the sounds and feelings… I am also appreciating that I do a lot of coaching on the phone and via skype so I can be comfortable at home continuing with the sessions.  I had my regulars booked in and loved sharing vibes ~ I always find the sessions synchronistically tie in with how I am feeling in each moment so its win/win for me 🙂   In between my coaching I rested up ~ listened to positive uplifting music and youtube videos, read inspirational books, did my angel cards, took baths, ate well, slept plenty, chatted with friends and family and kept myself feeling as uplifted as I could in each moment….

I generally find that during these periods of “ringing”, whooshing and fullness in my ears the last thing I need is to be anywhere noisy, busy and bustling…. That said I have always in the past seemed to attract situations where I put myself in the midst of such things… On Thursday I had a hotel booked in Manchester city and me and chap cat were going to see a live music gig for which I was really excited.  I also had an appointment booked into for my hair doing neither of which I wanted to miss… In hindsight a restful few days longer at home would have served me but I choose to plod on think positive and do my best….

I was feeling really bored of the rings on Thursday morning and chose to focus on feeling well and doing my best (a saying I learnt whilst on a spiritual journey in peru a few years ago URPICHAY! kept coming to mind ~ it means I am doing my best)  So I did my best to enjoy my day ~ I was ok at the hairdressers and felt a little better ~ by the time we had got to manchester had a meal out and got to the gig the whooshing and ringing had increased and I knew an “attack” was inevitable…. We had to leave the gig during the 3rd song ~ GUTTED!   We jumped in a taxi back to the hotel and I manged to get some sleep before waking up in the early hours knowing it was coming on and there was nothing I could do to control this….

It was very different this time around ~ rather than spinning on a downward spiral of fear and anxiety I allowed a myself to be with, breathe with and release these feelings in a loving and nurturing way… I used EFT (Emotional freedom technique) and tapped through the feelings coming up ~ fear of being so sick, out of control, not being able to see properly, move without being sick, fear of motion, falling, the overwhelming vertigo feelings.  Basically being completely out of control..   I surrendered into the feelings and just allowed whatever was coming up and out to be….  I listened to meditations and uplifting youtube videos, I used Ho~oponopono healing technique and I even managed to have a bit of a laugh in among the feelings of despair saying I was now a “peaceful puker” my chap cat being my “puke partner” supporting me every step of the way…

better out than in!

I am still regaining my balance as I share this here today and want to show my appreciation of healing through opening up and sharing, knowing that this is just a “story” in my life, a great friend of mine suggested looking at these kind of life experiences as waking dreams to be able to disassociate from the pain of whats happening or happened 🙂 knowing its all good and in divine order 🙂  Really IT IS… even though sometimes we may not feel it to be so along the way…  I came up with the idea of sharing this blog whilst in the midst of the “spin” and really feel its given me a way to ascend rather than descend with the spiral….

I hope by me sharing my journey here it will support you too ~ whatever challenges happen in our lives we can choose to change the way we look at them ~ “when you change the way you look at things the things you look at change”  ~ I choose to see challenges as opportunities ~ opportunities to clear and cleanse my vibes as well as making practical inspired changes to allow the healing to happen as naturally as possible….

I was going to call this blog “Bored of the Rings” ~ a take on lord of the rings with the bucket being Precious!  I decided to go with create balance and find hope as I feel thats the key to healing with menieres and such dis…eases ~ to reach for hope ~ to accept we create our reality and we choose to feel whatever feelings we are feeling ~ the emotional scale is an amazing example which for me pretty much sums up the cycle of dis…ease and the feelings we should be letting come up and out to clear the way and allow the healing process ~ you can learn more about it here….

click here for more about the emotional scale

So with that said a problem shared really IS a problem halved ~ and the more we share the more we reduce the negative emotions which can be pent up around the problems we encounter in our lives…. I am sticking with my FAVE saying “its all good” and choosing to take the bounce onwards and upwards to a life of as much balance as I can allow…  Trusting the process…

I intend to share my journey and in the words of Arni ~ I WILL BE BACK 😉

If you would like to connect, have a chat and share support on your healing journey get in touch my doors always open ~ you can message me direct I’d love to hear from you 🙂  As I mentioned in this post I am an energy coach and would love to support you 🙂

& heres the videos I made during healing “take 1” just click the following 2 links ~  Finding balance and feeling well & from dis…ease to ease

beaming you lotsa love, balance and hope,

Liz ❤