Moving from Menieres, Tinnitus, Stress, Anxiety & Disease to Balance, Hope & Ease with Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen sharing her journey to wellness along with lots of support

Support with Liz


Helloooooo & thank you for being here 🙂

The best way we can be with Menieres is to look on the bright side ~ to have hope and faith that things will be ok, to release the resistance and allow ourselves to heal.

I was diagnosed with Menieres in 2009 at the same time I was transitioning from working a job in Senior management in corporate to become a coach.  I am know as Liz Green the Law of Attraction queen (have you heard of the Law of Attraction?  best place to start is a book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne or Excuse me Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn)

I feel that living a positive life and being as happy as we possible can in each moment will support us to feel better whatever the weather…. In my coaching I support you to gain clarity on how you do want to feel as well as allowing the negative contrast to come up and out ~ holding onto the negative feelings creates the disease ~ dis….ease ~ our bodies aren’t at ease….. simple

You can learn lots more about my coaching here ~ Liz-Green.Com

or just contact me direct call me direct on 07834 363897 or skype Lizgreen111

I am very much looking forward to connecting with you

beaming you SO much love and healing

liz 🙂


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