Moving from Menieres, Tinnitus, Stress, Anxiety & Disease to Balance, Hope & Ease with Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen sharing her journey to wellness along with lots of support

Emotional Support

I strongly feel when it comes to Menieres disease (& any disease for that matter) the emotions are the KEY Player in the game of our lives… In my coaching practice I have worked with the emotional scale for a number of years ~ its a journey UP the Scale with every area of our lives including our health…. We identify where we are and move on up by allowing the stuck emotions to clear out, this can be done using many methods more of which I will share in the BLOG section here on this website as well as in my main site Liz-Green.Com

To keep things simple here today ~ I will post a copy of the emotional scale below so you can see the different rungs of the emotional ladder ~ I have identified in my own experience with Menieres Dis…ease I move through the waves of each emotion during an “attack” or as I like to call them an episode (start to see it like an episode of a drama rather than becoming attached to it)… When I shine a light on this process and identify it the episodes are easier to cope with and the feelings of hope come much quicker…   I identified this back in 2011 and invite you to read more here ~ Taking a new point of view on Dis..ease

I also use a number of techniques and methods to allow myself to release the blocked and held in emotions which may have been triggering the “attack” ~ EFT ~ Emotional Freedom Technique (aka Tapping) is an amazing one I will pop a few videos for you below the scale, I also love Ho~oponopono healing technique ~ here’s a link to a free ebook Zero Limits Heal Yourself

This website is a WIP ~ work in progress and I will be adding lots more tips tricks and techniques very soon so stay tuned in… In the meantime come over to Magical YOUniverse and experience the 21 days of magic which shares lots more ~ Magical YOUniverse community

Double click on the image to see a bigger version ~ I recommend printing a copy of this out for your reference….

emotional vibe scale big

Here’s the Emotional Freedom Technique videos I mentioned:

Relief from Menieres and more about EFT ~ Click here to play first video

What to do during a Menieres Attack to find relief – EFT tapping ~ Click here to play second video

This is just the start…. Its great you are here and its wonderful to be able to gain clarity sharing this here 🙂  check out the blog page for lots more info and have a good look around ~ any questions or queries reach out, my doors always open email me direct Liz@Liz-Green.Com

Lotsa love

Liz 🙂




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