Moving from Menieres, Tinnitus, Stress, Anxiety & Disease to Balance, Hope & Ease with Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen sharing her journey to wellness along with lots of support


helloooo 🙂  My names Liz Green I am also known as Liz Green the Law of Attraction Queen (tell you more about that in a bit…)

I was diagnosed with Menieres Disease back in 2009 when I was 31 ~ I grew up knowing a lot about being off balance and coping with tinnitus supporting my dad having Menieres too….  I knew I “had it” before I got confirmation…. I ask you to read my story with an open mind and feel your way into my words… I take an alternative view on life now and this very much supports me to gain balance and be well more often than NOT…. I have spent the last 3 and a half or so years creating balance and finding hope in my life and will continue to do so sharing my journey here 🙂

Lots more about Menieres Disease here ~ click here for the wiki info

I look at Disease as Dis….Ease ~ our bodies saying there is something out of alignment ~ something “uneasy”…. I feel that we each manifest and create everything in our lives via our thoughts feelings emotions and vibrations (vibes)….  I know I created the imbalance by living and off balance lifestyle filled with working hard stressing out worrying trying needing and wanting things to be great, good or at least ok…

For the first few years of life with Menieres disease I did ok, the docs told me to live a happy and chilled life and fortunately a month before this I had quit my job in the corporate world where I had burnt myself out to the point of something having to change… so it did and I did too… On the surface… I now realize much of what I was, have been and am manifesting with Menieres dis….ease goes deeper… That said I would love to share with you here where I started ~ the basics of what supported me to have the confidence in me and my ability to create balance and find hope in a situation where many would despair….  I am excited to share this journey with you from my heart to yours ♥

I also feel by me sharing my own journey first hand you can then cherry pick that which you feel may work for you… I am just a fellow traveler on the journey of life ~ I do own a holistic business and work as an energy coach and healer ~ that said my experience is the school of life….  Trust your vibes and follow your heart see what you feel drawn to here on my blog 🙂  thanks for being here and sharing this journey with me and know my doors always open if you would like support get in touch ~ lots more details here ~

If you would like to see what else I am up to out in the world I invite you to check out my website Liz-Green.Com ~ Liz Green the Law of Attraction Queen

Lets connect on facebook too I would love to hear from you and intend to create a group for this site there soon too…… Liz Green on Facebook

I run an online community too ~ if you feel ready for some magic in your life as well as balance and hope I would love to connect with you here too Magical YOUniverse Community & 21 days of magic

Lotsa Love,
Liz ♥


mail me direct with any questions or queries Liz-Green.Com


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