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butterfly spiral

I knew I was “meant” to be here typing this post today.  I didn’t know what I was going to share until I arrived here.  In the past couple of weeks I have had 2 episodes with Menieres ~ the first one was the best I have had yet (if you can call it best ?!?) that said it was the easiest episode I have had to date with only an hours worth of spins and a few pukes 😉  This in turn led to a few weeks of slightly out of the word feelings accompanied by some rather strange dreams.  A couple of days ago my ears filled right up and the buzzing started (not the buzzing of my vibes, although I have been doing lots of that as well) I knew the inevitable was coming and decided to put into practice some of the things I have been sharing and learning over at my other blog Liz-Green.Com

I have been putting into practice allowing whatever be in each now moment to be.  I know this sounds scary with Menieres as I too have spent a long time “trying” to fight it.  A little like its a raging war in my head ~ doing my best to bring in the troops and do all that is in my power to save myself!  I know you know what I mean….

There are so many practical things we can try and do.  So many practices and processes.  So many different kinds of diets and lifestyle choices.

For me I have had enough of trying.  I gave up and gave into it.  Being with the fears it was bringing up for me in each moment.  Will I die? Will this go on forever?  What if it happens whist I am alone?  What if it never stops?  Will I be able to live a normal life?  Why me????

I know in a way I am “trying” a new thing here in that I am allowing whatever to be just be.  Its not like the trying I have been doing. Its the paradox of letting go to the trying.  Just being.  Being with whatever is.

I feel this is why the first episode a few weeks ago was so soft and gentle ~ softened and quickly dissolved into love.  Then I guess my monkey mind chatter took over and said I had more to get out of my system.  So I guess in a way I attracted and manifested what occurred a few days ago.  I am still feeling a little wobbly with a strange out of this world haze around me at the moment.  Knowing this too shall pass 🙂  it always does hey!

So…. Onto the butterfly effect.  I was led to picking a picture with butterflies on in a spiral shape after watching an abraham hicks video on youtube with a similar picture.  I have also been learning how to do wire wrapped jewelery and spiral wire bracelets and necklaces (great synchronicity with the spirals here) As I posted this picture here on the post today I pondered over the title…. Butterfly spiral?  Spirals of butterflies?  It had no meaning…. Then I remembered the butterfly effect.  First of all the film with Josh Hartnet (is it Josh who’s in it? ~ he’s the cute one 😉 )

I googled the butterfly effect and this bit on the Wiki popped right out at me….

The butterfly effect is a common trope in fiction, especially in scenarios involving time travel. Additionally, works of fiction that involve points at which the storyline diverges during a seemingly minor event, resulting in a significantly different outcome than would have occurred without the divergence, are an example of the butterfly effect.

I know its talking about fiction here ~ thats how I see life ~ its a big movie we are directing and starting in as the lead.  Life is an illusion we are creating (to know more about this get into my blog I listed above)

How I saw this to relate to Menieres and making slight changes to the way we react and feel about it…..

Simple and often small changes in the way we be can have huge changes and effects.

Since my experiences this last few weeks I have been able to express myself on my video diary (in bed too may I add ~ this is SO not me ~ usually! lol) I have attracted a Menieres support group to go to locally and will be sharing lots of tips tricks and techniques that I find really help to support this often debilitating disease.

The changes I made ~ however slight have had big changes in my life.

As I said I type this here today in a little Menieres fog ~ I do hope it supports you to know you aren’t the only one going through this and we are all in this together.

Take a leaf ~ or maybe a wing from the butterfly effect and see what a difference it could make in your life 🙂

I am going to keep focused on this ~ small changes ~ baby steps ~ trust and faith

here’s a video I made from my “sick bed”  sliver puke bucket in hand 😉 Click here to view on youtube ~ Sharing more about Menieres ~ Shame embarassment helplessness & healing

Finding hope and creating my balance ♥

Beaming So much love to you fellow traveler ♥

Liz ♥ 🙂


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