Moving from Menieres, Tinnitus, Stress, Anxiety & Disease to Balance, Hope & Ease with Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen sharing her journey to wellness along with lots of support


Its a beautiful bright fresh and windy day here in Upper Denby 🙂  We have moved house since my last post ~ it was a relaxed and in flow move lots of people commenting saying its one of the most stressful times of our lives… I know having manifested a stress triggered dis…ease like Menieres that the last thing my healthy body mind and spirit requires is stress so I carried my “that was easy” button from staples with me during the move and attracted easy world 🙂

That said I seem to have moved to one of the most windy places I could have chosen in the beautiful Last of the Summer Wine country.  We even did a walk to a local wind farm at the weekend…. I made a video ~ Click here to see the windmills  Its amazing here and I LOVE my new countryside life ~ supporting me to breathe relax and allow wellness….

I am finding ways of supporting myself to do this whilst its windy rather than having to be stuck inside feeling sorry for myself and my whooshing ears….  I bought a great hat which I can tie around my neck so it covers my ears…. Stops it from getting blown off too…lol Click here to watch the windy hat video

Certain things trigger Menieres and the Vertigo episodes… Wind in the ears being one of them for some… Its good to know this and look after our wonderful ears when we are out in the wind 🙂

I have felt frustrated with the Whooshing this morning and yes, if I am honest a little sorry for myself too….  I have used to great vibe cleansing techniques to support me through these feelings one of which be sharing here today ~ so I hope this has support you or at least entertained you… its all good and we are doing great!   Rather than try and make the wind go away (which we cant do anyway) lets adjust our sails (attitudes)….

I made a countryside coaching video about things which can trigger FEAR in our lives this morning… I know we can hold onto a lot of fear with this dis…ease as it can happen at any time and we can feel somewhat vulnerable.  Thats ok too… highlight what your triggers are and shine a light on them…. Click here to watch the countryside coaching video

I also felt inspired to join a meditation group ~ its nice and easy and local to where I live ~ its only once a week so I am also intending to do 21 days of meditation magic over the coming weeks to support my healing and balance as well as supporting my mind (& whooshing) to quieten down… Click here to join the Magical YOUniverse Community and take part in the 21 days of magic

If  you would like some support clearing away the fears and regaining your balance get in touch my doors always open ~ you can reach me direct here ~ Love to hear from you 🙂


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